Northern Territory Government

Fossicking in the Northern Territory


Mount Palmer Walking Track, Harts Range Fossicking Fields

NEWS / 09 Mar 2017

Located in the Central Harts Range Fossicking Area, Northern Territory, Australia – this walking track takes in the scenic Mt Palmer environs, including the Spotted Dog and Disputed Mica mines.

Margaret Diggings, Spring Hill South, Wave Hill extension

NEWS / 19 May 2016

From 1 July 2016 the Department intends to publish information relating to consent given to fossickers planning to enter either of the Margaret Diggings, Spring Hill South or Wave Hill Extension proposed fossicking areas.

New signage

NEWS / 18 May 2016

The Department is pleased to advise that all declared fossicking areas around the Northern Territory have now had new signage installed.

This signage consists of large area specific signs erected on the boundary of the fossicking area and new ‘finger’ signs installed on the nearest main road, adjacent to the turn off to the fossicking area.

Fossicking Area 4 (Warrego) update

NEWS / 17 May 2016

In August 2015 the first of three planned one hectare ‘scrapes’ was completed to revitalise what was thought to be an area depleted of opportunities for detectorists.

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