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Fossicking in the Northern Territory

Fossicking in the Northern Territory

Renowned for its abundance, quality and variety of gems and minerals, Australia's Northern Territory is a vast land of hidden treasures just waiting to be discovered!

Whether you are on your own, with friends or family, fossicking is a unique and fun way to see and explore some of the most scenic outback landscapes the Northern Territory has to offer.

Fossickers have unearthed an array of gems and minerals across the Territory, including agate, amethyst, apatite, epidote, beryl, garnet, gold, jasper, magnetite, mica, microcline, pyrite, quartz, ribbonstone, tourmaline and zircon.

A number of dedicated fossicking areas are located throughout the Territory to encourage more people to seek out these hidden treasures.

From the beauty of the Red Centre through to the "Golden Heart" of the Territory, Tennant Creek and beyond to Pine Creek in the Top End, why not join the growing number of people who have discovered how addictive fossicking can be!

Before you embark on your next fossicking adventure in the Northern Territory please take the time to read through the information, including factsheets and useful links to other information of interest, provided for you on this website.

By familiarising yourself with the relevant requirements you will ensure that your experience is a happy and enjoyable one!

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