Northern Territory Government

Fossicking in the Northern Territory


Trial implemented for fossicking consents

NEWS / 20 Sep 2018

Persons looking to fossick on reserved land will now be issued Northern Territory Government consents for up to two weeks at a time, as part of a trial to improve safety and foster stronger understanding between fossickers and pastoralists.

Fossicking, Code of Conduct, Pastoral Land

NEWS / 08 Sep 2018

A Code of Conduct for Fossickers on Pastoral Land has been developed to promote responsible fossicking practices on pastoral land in the Northern Territory and outlines expected behaviours, notification requirements and general conditions for entry onto pastoral land.

Fossicking on Kurundi Station

NEWS / 14 Aug 2018

Conditions of entry onto Kurundi Station have changed, effective immediately have been marked with an  *. These changes have become necessary to address issues that have arisen during the current fossicking season.

New layer in STRIKE for fossickers

NEWS / 01 Nov 2017

At the fossicking workshop held on 26 September 2017 several attendees requested a dedicated ‘layer’ be created in STRIKE specifically for fossickers.

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