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Fossicking on Kurundi Station

14 Aug 2018

Conditions of entry onto Kurundi Station have changed, effective immediately have been marked with an  *. These changes have become necessary to address issues that have arisen during the current fossicking season.

Kurundi Station is located 90 kilometres south of Tennant Creek and is owned and operated by the Saint family. The station is not only a thriving cattle property, it has also been home for the Saint’s for the past 30 odd years.

The station contains the historical Kurundi Goldfields, including Kurinelli and this area has proven to be a very popular destination for both local and interstate fossickers looking to try their luck. This popularity has created issues over the years for the Saint family, mainly attributed to a general misunderstanding of the rules around fossicking or people not following instructions and disrupting pastoral activities.

In an attempt to minimise these issues the Saint family have worked with the department to establish a basic set of conditions for any person wishing to enter the property to fossick.

The conditions are not onerous and you must abide by them while you are on the property.

Conditions of entry are:

  • maximum period of time you are permitted to stay on the station is two weeks. *
  • as cattle producers we are now part of a national biosecurity scheme, and have to implement biosecurity measures. As part of this plan we request that prior to arriving onto the station all visitors clean down their vehicles and camping equipment to prevent the spread of weeds and disease.
  • on arrival at the station, call into the homestead to ensure that the areas you intend to fossick are not being actively used for pastoral activities in the time you have allocated. Access to these areas can be subject to change at short notice, depending on station activities at the time. Weather can also play a large part on the accessibility of certain areas.
  • please remember, you are responsible for your own personal safety and wellbeing during the time you remain on the pastoral property so you should remain aware of your surroundings at all times and take care.
  • stay in the areas given to fossick so that there is no interference with station activities. (This is important as we often have shooters on the property removing feral animals).
  • carry your proof of notification with you at all times so that station personnel can verify your right to be on Kurundi.
  • as per the Mineral Titles Act and Regulations we ask that no fossicking or camping be undertaken within 1km of any bore or stockyard and 2km from the homestead.
  • no dogs to be brought in to the station. (This is as much for your benefit as ours as we have a continuing wild dog baiting program.)
  • no quad bikes, motor bikes or buggies to be used at any time.
  • water is not to be taken from any of our bores.
  • no clearing or flattening of grass is permitted, beyond what is reasonable to establish a campsite. *
  • avoid cattle yards, particularly when yarding and processing activities are underway. *
  • no camp fires to be lit at any time, unless prior approval is obtained from the homestead.
  • all non – biodegradable rubbish is to be taken with you when you leave.
  • please call in to the homestead on departure to advise that you will no longer be on the property.

Preferred service for the fossicking notice is via email. Please send the completed form to

You will then receive a copy of these conditions, along with any other details that may impact on your proposed fossicking activities.

Following these conditions will ensure that your stay on Kurundi Station is not marred by the disappointment of being asked to leave the property.

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