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Fossicking in the Northern Territory

Spotted Tiger Mine

Central Harts Range Map PDF (130.1 KB)


  • muscovite
  • garnet
  • smoky quartz

Good samples of muscovite, some with red or black hematite stains in hexagonal patterns, can be found in mullock dumps or heaps of cutting waste. In general the muscovite occurs in the pegmatite, and the biotite is found as smaller books in the host rock metamorphics.

Smoky quartz is reasonably common on the dumps, but garnets are sparse, although the country rock does contain some garnet and beryl. Good examples of perthitic feldspar (microcline) can be found, some of which is graphically intergrown with quartz. Tourmaline is present as schorl, but is scarce in the quartz and feldspar.