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Fossicking in the Northern Territory


Fossicking, Code of Conduct, Pastoral Land

Published by  Northern Territory Government

A  Code of Conduct for Fossickers on Pastoral Land has been developed to promote  responsible fossicking practices on pastoral land in the Northern Territory and outlines expected behaviours, notification requirements and general conditions  for entry onto pastoral land.

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Fossicking in the Northern Territory

Published by Northern Territory Government

An overview of fossicking in the Northern Territory

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Gold deposits of the Northern Territory

Report by the NT Geological Survey division of the Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade

Ahmad M, Wygralak AS and Ferenczi PA1, Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade, Northern Territory Government

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Looking for gold in the Northern Territory

If gold is your passion then why not try your luck fossicking at some of the areas in this document. By using this information and other resources available on this website, such STRIKE, you could be on your way to that first exciting discovery!

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