Northern Territory Government

Fossicking in the Northern Territory

Fossicking Area 4 (FA4) - Warrego – Final Stage

01 Jun 2017

In August 2015 the department completed the first planned scraping of FA4 to provide increased opportunities for people to find nuggets of gold.

FA4 has had staged works undertaken, staggered since 2015 to maximise these opportunities. It has been reported that many nuggets have been found since the work was undertaken, which is great news for those lucky people!

The department has received several comments on the work that has been done, not all of it favourable, particularly in relation to the first scape in 2015. These comments will be taken into account if works are to be undertaken on any of the other declared fossicking areas located throughout the Northern Territory.

The final stage will occur in late July 2017, consisting of rehabilitation and weed management.


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